Graphic Design

Graphic Design students
Graphic Design students
Graphic Design students

The two-year Graphic Design Program is an intensive course of study preparing students for entry-level jobs in design studios, advertising agencies, corporate in-house design departments and other businesses using computers to create design, advertising, web sites and promotional pieces.

The first year of studies emphasize design fundamentals, creative problem-solving, history, technology, and basic web development. First-year projects and exercises introduce students to printed, web, and interactive media.

The second year engages students in these subjects to advanced levels and introduces students to a variety of interactive media including animation, 3D modeling, advanced web development, social media. The second year also includes opportunities for student to choose related skill sets to enhance their employment opportunities in the design field. These skill sets include but are not limited to advanced internet programming, digital photography, video production, social media marketing, journalism and fine art.

Students enter in the Fall quarter and proceed through six consecutive quarters. All students must apply for entry into the program following the steps outlined on the application process in the Spring quarter. Students who wish to take courses before entering in Fall quarter are encouraged to contact our faculty for counseling.

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