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Student Funded Programs

All students may participate and become members of any campus club. Associated Student (A.S.) Clubs reflect the diverse interests of SFCC Students. Instructionally Related Programs (I.R.P.) clubs are differentiated from A.S. clubs by incorporating ANY of the following three criteria into their Constitution and/or Statement of Purpose:

  • Competition
  • Performance
  • Serving a public relations function for SFCC and/or District 17.

Click on the club title for a description and recent photos. Or contact Student Funded Programs at (509) 553-3338 or the Director of Student Funded Programs at 533-4197 for more information.

Club Name Type Advisor Phone Email
Addiction Studies Club A.S. Ursula Heflick 533-3626
Alliance Club A.S. Erin Glaze
Cathy Meier
Teri Tucker
Anime Club A.S. Yasuka Huff 533-3367
Applied Technology Club A.S. Brady Nielsen 533-3434
Armed Forces Veteran's Association A.S. Britni Weaver 533-3767
Art Club A.S. Carl Richardson 533-3714
Art Gallery I.R.P. Tom O'Day 533-3746
Associated Women Students A.S. Maggie Krug 533-3610
Astronomy Club A.S. John Whitmer 533-3673
Beta Gamma Kappa I.R.P. Elodie Goodman
Michele Moore
Black Student Union A.S. Carl Richardson 533-3714
Cheer Squad A.S. Carol Dyksterhuis 533-3636
Chinese Language & Culture A.S. TBD 533-3338
Choral Music I.R.P. Nathan Lansing 533-3721
Communicator I.R.P. Jason Nix 533-4185
Creative Writing A.S. Tim Greenup 533-3683
Dance Club A.S. Carol Dyksterhuis 533-3636
Disc Golf Club A.S. TBD 533-3338
Early Learning Center/Club A.S. Bobbi Woodral 533-3623
Engineering Club I.R.P. Mark Gorski 533-3250
Falls Christian Fellowship A.S. TBD 533-3338
Far East Coast Club A.S. TBD 533-3338
French Club A.S. Elodie Goodman 533-3948
Flying Hands A.S. Julie Holland 533-3143
Gamers Club A.S. Barb Hahto 533-3524
Graphic Design Club I.R.P. June Roys
Greg Stiles
Health & Fitness Club A.S. Travis Warner 533-4105
Interior Design Club A.S. Margot Casstevens 533-3705
International Club A.S. Leslie Lloyd
Christina Mitma
Japanese Club A.S. Yasuka Huff 533-3367
Jazz Presents A.S. Pam Meyer 533-3741
Journalism A.S. Jason Nix 533-4185
LUA Club A.S. Cynthia Vigil 533-3405
Orchestra I.R.P. TBD 533-3338
Orthotics & Prosthetics A.S. TBD 533-3338
Photo Arts Club I.R.P. Erik Sohner 533-3832
Physical Therapy Assistant Club I.R.P. Renee Compton 279-6245
Recreation Society I.R.P. Carol Dyksterhuis 533-3636
Red Nations Club A.S. Michael Rodman 533-3668
Revelers Club I.R.P. Bill Marlowe 533-3592
Service-Learning Club A.S. Darlene Rickett 533-3308
SOTA Club A.S. Sunny Anderson 279-6094
Spanish Club A.S. Gabriel Valenzuela 533-3472
Stage Band Combo I.R.P. David Larsen 533-3742
Wellness Club A.S. Sheri Staudinger 533-3816
Wire Harp - Creative Arts Magazine I.R.P. Doug Crabtree
Laura Read
Connie Scott