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Meet the Senate

Holly Merrill

Position: A.S. President

Hello, my name is Holly Merrill. This is my second year at the Falls, and so far it’s been a great experience. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the faculty, staff, and students of this campus. I am currently working towards my AA degree with plans to transfer to a four-year university, majoring in Political Science. I look forward to making positive changes in our student government in my role as the ASG President this year, and strive to represent the students of SFCC to the best of my ability.
ASG President

Scott Barton

Position: A.S. Academic Vice President

I'm Scott. Fall, Winter, and Spring are my favorite seasons in that order, so maybe it's fitting that I'm involved with ASG. School has always been my favorite place to be. I'm the Academics Vice-President, so I'm fortunate to be able to help students as I jump through my own hoops in academia. My educational pursuits include my DTA from SFCC to EWU where I'll major in Exercise Science. From there, I intend to get into the DPT program to get my Doctorate of Physical Therapy. I hope to work with children, veterans, or the elderly. My crazy dream would to be the on staff physical therapist for an NHL team. It's my only shot at a Stanley Cup championship ring.
Academic Vice President

Jonathan Ohuche

Position: A.S. Secretary

Hello! My name is Jonathan Ohuche! I am a Secretary for Associated Student Government at Spokane Falls Community College. I was a former Senator of the SFCC Student Government. I am almost done with my Associate of Arts. In my spare time I enjoy dancing, writing, playing video games, and listening to music. My goal this year is to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Daniel Zelinger

Position: A.S. Treasurer

Hello, my name is Daniel; I am 20 years old, and majoring in accounting. I am the Treasurer here at ASG more or less. I enjoy playing soccer and working out. Special talent: can cook Minute Rice in 58 seconds.

Tanaia Wise

Position: Director of Marketing

Jordan DeWitt

Position: A.S. Senator #1

Hello I’m Jordan DeWitt, your incoming Senator for this next school year. My aim in Student Government is to be the best I can be and to bring you along with me. Currently I am pursuing my Associates of Arts to grant me access in higher levels of education and experience. As Senator I am the bridge between the school and the students themselves. I’m rambunctious, confident, and ready to make a difference. Are you ready to join me?
Senator 1

Simon Mwangi

Position: A.S. Senator #2

Hi all? My name is Simon Mwangi and this is my third quarter in Spokane Falls Community College. I am doing my pre-nursing classes and I am aiming to transfer to Eastern Washington University for my nursing degree. I come from Kenya and I am really impressed to be in SFCC. Currently I am serving as the senator in the student government and I will be working district two which encompasses buildings six, fifteen, nineteen and building eleven. My goal is to try to the best of my ability to communicate with my fellow students and engage them in our college activities.
Senator 2

Rubid Portillo

Position: A.S. Senator #3

Caleb Olson

Position: A.S. Senator #4

Ay, what up tho. My name is Caleb Olson and I am currently at the falls to pursue a degree in accounting. I’m currently a school senator for district 4 and a corporate auditing intern at an accounting firm. After the falls, I plan on transferring to UW and eventually going on to earn my graduate degree in tax accounting. My main goal for this school year with my senator position is to bridge the gap between faculty, student government, and administration. This will allow our team to facilitate the best allocation of the resources we have available to us. This will help to not only support our students’ success but also foster a sense of identity and pride within our institution’s community. Fun fact: I enjoy Chipotle, Nicolas Cage, and Drake.
Senator 4

Ashley Brown

Position: A.S. Club Representative

Hey y’all! My name is Ashley Brown. I am working on the Interpreter Training Program, for which I later plan on doing the Bachelor's program for ITP, as well as transferring to Eastern Washington University to finish my Bachelor's in Social Work. For my ASG position, I am working as one of your club liaisons, as well as the Regional Representative for WACTCSA. I will be here to help with any questions, activities and resources as I possibly can. My goal for the year is to get more of the clubs active on campus, to help clubs and their events to be as successful as possible, and to help bring out the student body’s voice, especially in the legislative matters that affect all of us students through Olympia.
A.S. Club Representative


Position: I.R.P. Club Representative

Sarah Hoxie

Position: Activities Vice President

Hello everyone! I am Sarah Hoxie, the Activities Vice president of this 2015-16 school year. My ASG journey has only begun this year, however I am familiar with the ins- and outs of Spokane Falls through previous campus security work. One of my personal missions at this school is to obtain a Pre-Nursing DTA and use this to further my knowledge in community health and education. In my role as the activities VP, it is my duty to provide students with engaging activities that help students feel more connected with one another. Let’s get a few steps closer to accomplishing our goals and have some fun along the way!
Activities Vice President

Jennifer Blum

Position: Food Bank Director

Hello! I am Jennifer Blum. I am a pre-nursing major with the intentions of switching to a biology major to become a doctor of natural medicine. I'm 24, I love cats, Def Leppard and food. As your 2015-2016 Food Bank Director, my ambition for this year is not only serve food to the student body but to start a movement of good and healthy food. There are definitely inexpensive ways to eat a healthy diet and I believe that with better foods, we will have more energy, feel better about ourselves and have healthier lives which will overall affect our lifestyles, and potentially help improve our grades. I look forward to meeting so many new students and helping all that I can.
Food Bank Director

Heather McKenzie-Waite

Position: Director of Student Funded Programs and Senate/Activities Board Advisor

Director of Student Funded Programs and Senate Advisor

Kim Jones

Position: Program Coordinator - Senate/Activities Co-Advisor

Program Co-ordinator and Senate Co-Advisor