A.A. Degree Distribution

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Students planning to earn an A.A. degree must meet minimum standards of preparation. Those whose records and test scores indicate a need for additional preparation may be required to complete preliminary work in the college preparatory program. SFCC offers A.A. degree transfer courses for many pre-majors. For assistance contact the SFCC Counseling Center at (509) 533-3525.

A candidate for the Associate of Arts (AA-DTA) degree must complete 90 quarter credits in academic courses numbered 100 and above with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 and meet specific distribution requirements:

  • Courses must be chosen from the distribution areas below.
  • At least 5 credits must be W-designated (writing-intensive).
  • At least 5 credits must be D-designated (global/ diversity).
  • At least 30 credits must be earned in residence from Spokane Community College or Spokane Falls Community College with at least 15 credits earned in the required distribution areas at the college awarding the degree.
Communication 10 Credits
Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning 5 Credits
Humanities 15 Credits
Social Sciences 15 Credits
Mathematics/Science 15 Credits
Health-related/PE/Recreational/ Leisure Activities 5 credits
Approved General Electives 25 credits

It is highly recommended that students meet with a counselor or academic adviser at Spokane Community College or Spokane Falls Community College on a regular basis to be sure that requirements specified in this degree are met. Students should also seek academic advising at the four-year institution to which they plan to transfer early in their educational planning to learn about additional requirements and procedures for admission. Degree requirements may change; for current requirements students should consult a counselor or academic adviser. Prior college-level credits and grade points are transferred for calculating total credits and GPA.

For detailed credit distribution information - consult the CCS Catalog or call the Counseling Center at (509) 533-3525.