Associate in Business DTA

Students should pursue an Associate in Business DTA/MRP if they are interested in transferring to a four-year college to earn a bachelor's degree in accounting, economics or another business-related field.

The Associate in Business degree program consists of liberal arts classes and includes the first few accounting courses required at four-year schools. Students interested in the transfer program should obtain the current college catalog and transfer manual from their intended institution to determine what requirements can be satisfied at SFCC. Generally, all courses transfer except those taught at four-year schools with course numbers of 300 or higher.

Economics is the study of how people efficiently satisfy their unlimited wants within the realistic context of scarce resources. This program introduces students to economic principles, which govern consumption, production, distribution and exchange in a capitalist market economy - the US, both at the micro (individual) and macro (aggregate) level, within the dynamics of modern day global forces.

Economics involves analytical training and quantitative reasoning which enables students to successfully evaluate complex real world situations, making this one of the most versatile bachelors degrees to obtain, providing students with a solid framework to transfer to business programs, or pursue degrees in law, public policy or other social sciences.

The transfer student intent on a Bachelor’s Degree in Business/Economics is advised to take ECON& 201 and ECON& 202, but not ECON 100, which is an introductory course in economics.

All course offerings are subject to change. The college cannot guarantee class offerings, designated times or specific instructors - as funding levels and student interest may affect whether or not an offering is available.

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Class Credits
ECON 100Fundamentals of Economics 5.0
ECON& 201Micro Economics 5.0
ECON& 202Macro Economics 5.0

Contact information is listed below. Select the email link to send an email. For general program information, contact the senior secretary. The globe icon Globe Icon identifies faculty web sites. Click the globe to visit the site.

Web Faculty/Staff Phone Office Email
Economics 100 Managerial Accounting (Principles III) Economics 202 Brunner, Don; Instructor (509) 533-3689 24-317 Don.Brunner@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Khattry, Roshan; Instructor (509) 533-3889 24-318 Roshan.Khattry@sfcc.spokane.edu
Global Issues - Political Science 125 Williams, Michael; Instructor (509) 533-3113 24-343 Michael.Williams@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Wylie, Mark; Instructor (509) 533-3695 24-217 Mark.Wylie@sfcc.spokane.edu
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Brunner, Don; Instructor

Brunner, Don; Instructor Office: 24-317

Phone: (509) 533-3689

Email: Don.Brunner@sfcc.spokane.edu

Economics 100 Managerial Accounting (Principles III) Economics 202
Courses Taught: Principles of Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Survey of Economics

I grew up in a small town and have lived in both Washington, but also Alaska for several years. My hobbies have been or are, flying, scuba diving, woodworking, and rebuilding old trucks. The reasons that I teach are because of students. I thoroughly enjoy the interaction and seeing people develop new skills or sharpen the ones they already have.

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Khattry, Roshan; Instructor

Khattry, Roshan; Instructor Office: 24-318

Phone: (509) 533-3889

Email: Roshan.Khattry@sfcc.spokane.edu

I was born and brought up in Calcutta, India and moved to the United States in 1998. After receiving my B.A. in Business and Economics from Coe College, a small liberal-arts college in Cedar Rapids, IA, I moved to Eugene, OR, to attend the University of Oregon. After I earned an M.A. in Economics from the University of Oregon, I went back to Coe College and taught economics there for three years before moving to Spokane, WA.

When I am not teaching I love to play tennis, listen to old Indian film music, and cook spicy Indian food.

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Wylie, Mark; Instructor

Wylie, Mark; Instructor Office: 24-217

Phone: (509) 533-3695

Email: Mark.Wylie@sfcc.spokane.edu

I was born and grew up in Southern California. After earning my BA at a small college in Illinois, I returned to my home state for graduate study at UCLA, where I earned my MA and Ph.D. in Economics. I then spent several years as a "freeway flier," teaching at a variety of colleges, both 2 and 4-year, in the Los Angeles area. I moved to Spokane in 2001 when I was hired full-time at SFCC, and have been here ever since. When I'm not teaching I like reading and movies, and I'm also involved with, and am a former Chair of, the Browne's Addition Neighborhood Council.

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