Physical Therapist Assistant

Student and Graduate Goals and Outcomes

  1. Students admitted to the Physical Therapist Assistant program will graduate as entry- level physical therapist assistants who provide services in a variety of patient care settings under the supervision of a physical therapist.
  2. Students demonstrate professional behaviors including effective communication, commitment to learning, critical thinking, responsibility and therapeutic presence.
  3. Graduates will obtain employment as physical therapist assistants.
  4. Graduates will practice within ethical standards and deliver therapy services in a competent, caring and compassionate manner.

Student Outcomes

Year of Graduation Number of Applications Received Total Number of Applicants Accepted (1) Number of Students Matriculated (2) Graduation Rate Licensure Exam Pass Rate (3) Percent of Graduates Employed Within 6 Months Average Hourly Income at 6 Months (4)
2012 85 18 16 93.7% 100% 100% $22.19
2013 72 22 16 87.5% 92.8% 100% $23.38
2014 84 29 24 100% 100% 100% $23.06

(1) Number of applicants who were offered a place in the class (some may not have enrolled).
(2) Applicants who were offered a place in the class who enrolled and began the program.
(3) Pass rate is based on the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy data.
(4) Graduate survey data.