Occupational Therapy Assistant

OTA Fieldwork Educators

Who can be a OTA fieldwork educator? An OT practitioner (OT or OTA) with a minimum of one year experience and who meets the following criteria:

Fieldwork is a collaborative effort between students, clinicians and educators. Ideas for placement may originate with an academic program or with a practitioner. The following criteria may help indicate whether your practice would be appropriate as a fieldwork placement.

  • Your practice provides opportunities for a student to:
    • learn OT skills & concepts, either general or specialized
    • apply OT skills & concepts, learned in the academic setting
    • experience success as a result of their OT intervention
    • communicate with other individuals in a professional manner
  • You are interested in supervising students
  • You are willing to collaborate with an academic fieldwork coordinator to plan and implement a student placement

From: AOTA, (2007). Recommendations for expanding fieldwork. www.aota.org. Retrieved April 11, 2012.

What can help me create site- specific learning objectives for my level II FW OTA student?

Objectives provide helpful structure to the level II fieldwork experience and can be site specific per FW evaluation items and/or week by week objectives. ( Objectives are required by ACOTE)
  • Please email Carol.Gauper@sfcc.spokane.edu for a document created by the Florida OT Education Council which has checkboxes under each item of the OTA FW evaluation, allowing you to individualize each item to your site! Ask for the “FLOTEC” form

Where can I learn more about being a fieldwork educator?

  • www.aota.org ( Educator-Researchers tab: fieldwork)
  • The following articles are available on a limited basis to OT practitioners who are ,or are considering being, SFCC OTA Fieldwork Educators. Email Carol.Gauper@sfcc.spokane.edu for a copy of:

    • "Becoming a Fieldwork Educator: enhancing your teaching skills" AOTA CE article from October 2009, OT Practice, 14 (19).
    • "Transformative learning: facilitating growth and change through fieldwork" AOTA CE article from October 2010, OT Practice, 15(19).
    • "Designing learning experiences that lead to critical thinking and enhanced clinical reasoning" AOTA CE article from August 2008, OT Practice, 13 (15).


  • The Essential Guide to Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Education: resources for today’s educators and practitioners by Donna M. Costa, MS, OTR/L. Bethesda: AOTA press.(2004).
  • Supervision in Occupational Therapy by Donna M. Costa. Bethesda: AOTA press, (2007

OT/OTA Student Supervision & Medicare Requirements

  • A document available to all AOTA members on the educators: fieldwork site. ( If you are not a member of AOTA, but are a fieldwork educator for SFCC, or are considering being a fieldwork educator for SFCC OTA program, please email Carol.Gauper@sfcc.spokane.edu for a single copy of “OT/OTA Student Supervision & Medicare Requirements”.)