Business Management Department

All course offerings are subject to change. The college cannot guarantee class offerings, designated times or specific instructors - as funding levels and student interest may affect whether or not an offering is available.

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Class Credits
MMGT 101Principles of Management 5.0
MMGT 105Small Business Marketing 2.0
MMGT 106How to Start a Small Business 5.0
MMGT 111Mid-Management Seminar 1.0-2.0
MMGT 112Mid-Management Seminar 1.0-2.0
MMGT 113Mid-Management Seminar 1.0-2.0
MMGT 125Social Media Marketing 5.0
MMGT 126Search Engine Marketing 5.0
MMGT 128Social Media Marketing Campaign 5.0
MMGT 140Financial Statement Analysis 3.0
MMGT 150Principles of Retail Merchandising 5.0
MMGT 211Marketing 5.0
MMGT 218Fundamentals of Advertising 5.0
MMGT 220Professional Sales 3.0
MMGT 223Customer Service 3.0
MMGT 229Introduction to Lean 3.0
MMGT 231Human Resource Management 5.0
MMGT 251Transportation Systems 3.0
MMGT 252Principles of Purchasing 3.0
MMGT 253Inventory Management 3.0
MMGT 254Logistics and Supply Chain Management 3.0
MMGT 255Warehouse and Distribution Management 3.0
MMGT 267Cooperative Education Work Experience 1.0-18.0
MMGT 325Legal Issues for Managers 5.0
MMGT 340Applied Financial Management 5.0
MMGT 440Healthcare Management 5.0
MMGT 450Entrepreneurship 5.0