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A.A.S. Degree

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The objective of this program is to permit the student maximum flexibility in designing a two-year program of study in business. The student may specialize in a particular area of business such as distribution, sales, or accounting; or select courses that provide a general exposure to several areas of business.

The general business curriculum will serve the student who is uncertain about transferring to a four-year institution or university, or who wants a curriculum that maximizes transferability and at the same time permits emphasis on business courses to a greater extent than is possible to obtain when taking the general two-year transfer program.

Such a curriculum will not permit a student to complete all the courses normally required by a four-year institution in the freshman-sophomore years; however, it will be possible for the student to undertake a curriculum where many of these requirements are met and where all other courses taken could be accepted for elective credit by the four-year institution.

NOTE: Students wishing to transfer to a four-year institution should consult the Business Administration transfer degrees. Most vocational courses do NOT satisfy requirements for the transfer degree.

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