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The business occupations certificate is designed to provide a balanced survey of business knowledge and skills that are core to the general business associate in applied science degree program and most other business AAS degree programs.

Career Opportunities

The student who doesn't wish to specialize in one specific business area will nevertheless find many employment opportunities. Many firms are primarily interested in hiring persons having a broad general background who possess positive work attitudes. Most employment opportunities in the Spokane area for the general business graduate would be with retailers and wholesalers and with small business organizations.

Positions will vary according to the specific courses that the student has taken. However, there are a variety of positions that students might pursue such as store clerk, sales associate, basic bookkeeping, and information input specialist, proof machine operator, customer service, telemarketing, general office clerk and trainee.

Salaries in the Spokane area will start at approximately $8 per hour with advancement opportunities. An individual's own skills, experience, motivation and attitudes will definitely affect earning power.

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