Library and Information Services

About the Program

What program does Spokane Falls Community College offer?

Student working with media files SFCC has been educating library technicians since 1977. We now provide an online program for students who want the flexibility of 24/7 learning. Our program trains students for entry-level or supervisory positions in libraries as library technicians, following the American Library Association’s guidelines for library technician training. The Western Council of State Libraries has also approved our program as part of their education provider network.

What classes will I take?

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Library science classes at SFCC offer a combination of theory and practical hands-on training. Students take online library science classes using Blackboard software. Spokane area students have the option for additional hands-on training sessions, if desired. SFCC provides access to library training software in the library technician lab and online.

  • The six-quarter program includes 12 library skills courses and eight basic skills courses
  • In the library skills courses, you are introduced to library systems, resources and services. Courses include:
    • media services
    • children's library services
    • reference materials
    • circulation desk experience
    • library automation
    • cataloging
    • information retrieval
    • acquisitions
  • The computer courses provide students with essential computer skills
  • Students take 8 credits of supervised work experience during the program in their local libraries. SFCC provides students with the real-world library experience that employers look for!
  • Alongside these specialized classes are basic skills courses, including:
    • English and communications
    • computer systems
    • computation
    • human relations