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FAQs: Second-Year Review

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Second-Year Review
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What is the 2nd year review?
In an effort to maintain the highest quality standards among our advancing students, we have designed a review to evaluate your work. At the close of the 2nd year, students wanting to go on and earn their 3rd Year Professional Diploma or follow the WSU transfer track for their B.A. in Interior Design will participate in this review. Students who want to earn their 2 year A.A.S. in Residential Interior Design will not need to submit work to this review.
This process is modeled after similar reviews established in other Interior Design programs. A committee comprised of our faculty as well as industry professionals will evaluate your work. At the close of the review, the committee will either invite students to apply for our 3rd year classes or recommend stopping with their 2 year A.A.S. in Residential Interior Design.

What are some of the criteria the committee will be looking for?
Details and specific evaluation criteria will be distributed between the second year students early into their second year courses. In general, we will be evaluating quality in several distinct areas: visual presentation, graphic abilities, and overall design aesthetic. Professionalism and work ethic throughout a student’s coursework will also be given strong consideration.

What are my options if I am not selected to advance to 3rd year?
If you are not selected to advance to 3rd year, you are not without options. First, provided that all classes in the 2-year A.A.S. Residential Interior Design program were completed successfully, you may apply for your degree through the graduation office. Next, based on space available, you are still welcome to register for INTDS 275 Professional Practices. INTDS 285 Computer Aided Design and INTDS 281 Commercial Design Studio are the two third year courses that you will not be able to register for.

Will I be able to reapply to the 3rd year the following spring?
Possibly. It will depend on current enrollment and available space. Your work will need to improve to meet the standards to be afforded a second opportunity to apply for the 3rd year.

Is there anything I can do throughout my time here to improve my chances?
Simply realize that everything you do in this program counts and to always try your best. Your ability to meet deadlines, your professionalism and work ethic, your drafting and rendering skills, and most importantly, your overall design aesthetic all become essential abilities and qualities during the review.

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