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Courses Offered

All course offerings are subject to change. The college cannot guarantee class offerings, designated times or specific instructors - as funding levels and student interest may affect whether or not an offering is available.

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Class Credits
INTDS 105Design Drawing 4.0
INTDS 106Sketching Techniques 4.0
INTDS 107Rendering Techniques 4.0
INTDS 170Introduction to Interior Design 5.0
INTDS 171Interior Design Studio I 6.0
INTDS 172Interior Design Studio II 6.0
INTDS 173Drafting for Interior Design 4.0
INTDS 174Design Presentation 4.0
INTDS 175Materials of Interior Design 5.0
INTDS 176Interior Design Studio III 6.0
INTDS 179History of Interiors I 5.0
INTDS 180History of Interiors II 5.0
INTDS 184Drawing Communication 4.0
INTDS 185Building Systems for Interior Design 3.0
INTDS 186Lighting Design 3.0
INTDS 187Design Fundamentals Studio 4.0
INTDS 189Special Topics 3.0
INTDS 268Design Portfolio 3.0
INTDS 275Professional Practices 3.0
INTDS 280Textiles for Interiors 5.0
INTDS 281Interior Design Studio IV 6.0
INTDS 282Interior Design Studio V 6.0
INTDS 285Computer Aided Design I 4.0
INTDS 286Computer Aided Design II 4.0
INTDS 287Digital Interior Design Technology 4.0
INTDS 289Computer Aided Design III 4.0
INTDS 290Sustainable Design Practices 3.0
INTDS 294Adobe for Interior Design 4.0
INTDS 295International Design 5.0
INTDS 296Historic Preservation 3.0
INTDS 297Computer Aided Design IV 4.0

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