Human Services Department

The Human Services Department programs lead both to two-year degrees as well as professional certification and thus have a dual aspect in the curriculum. Students pursuing studies in these areas are required to follow a prescribed curriculum leading to certification and/or the applicable two-year degrees. View the career guides in the various program pages for details.

Consistent with the mission and goal statement of SFCC, the courses of study in the Human Services area of instruction are designed to facilitate professionalism for the job market and thus are tailored toward specific courses which enhance the professional preparation of the students. This aspect sets the Human Services student apart from the more liberal arts oriented requirements of the traditional, purely academic disciplines. Again, this design is deliberate and serves the intended purpose of preparation for the job market and is, therefore, true to the stated mission and goals of the division.

Addiction Studies

The Addiction Studies program is a two-year educational training program for persons who are currently employed in a chemical dependency treatment program, or who are interested in obtaining employment in the chemical dependency field. The training program includes practical fieldwork experience that gives the student an opportunity to apply what has been learned.

Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood Education program is designed to provide experiences in educational theory in the areas of social, emotional, cognitive, physical/motor and creative development for children from birth through age eight. Courses also are available for caregivers of school-age children, ages 5 through 14. Now that ongoing research reveals the significance of early development, professional preparation has become essential for anyone pursuing a career in the education and care of young children. Courses are offered meeting the subject area requirements for the primary WAC 180-82-328 and supporting WAC 180-82-330 endorsements in early childhood education on a Washington State teaching certificate, subject to approval by the teacher candidate's degree granting college or university.

Education Paraprofessional

The education paraprofessional program provides theory and practice in the skills for working as effective members of instructional teams. The core curriculum focuses on current issues and historical foundations of regular and special education, instructional strategies, behavior management, human development and interpersonal skills in the context of a diverse society. Supervised practicum opportunities for hands-on experiences in schools are provided throughout this course of study.

Gerontology Paraprofessional

SFCC offers a program designed to provide specific training to individuals who wish to establish a career in meeting the needs of the rapidly expanding older population. The gerontology program examines mental, emotional, physical and social changes, which confront older adults. Gerontology is distinct from geriatrics, a medical specialty that explores health and disease in elders. Some of the current career fields may include program management, administration, recreation services, residential care, business and education fields, and human service programs related to life after sixty. Students who successfully complete this program will be able to comply with state and federal regulations regarding care and treatment of the elderly in residential care and activity settings.

Interpreter Training Program

Interpreter training program/deafness is an innovative program designed to train people to work with the hearing impaired. Graduates of the program will have acquired the necessary skills to work with the hearing impaired in education, community services, as sign language teachers, and in industrial settings. Those who are skilled interpreters, in addition to having a trade or profession, will provide a valuable service to society, making it possible to provide equal access for the hearing impaired to all areas of employment, social services and education.

Library and Information Services

Our program trains students for entry-level or supervisory positions in libraries as library technicians, following the American Library Association's guidelines for library technician training. The Western Council of State Libraries has also approved our program as part of their education provider network.

All Library science classes and electives are now offered online! Students are also required to complete library internships at their local library. Students are not required to attend any on-campus orientations, advising or testing - these services are offered online.

Social Services

The social services program is designed for those who plan to seek employment as a paraprofessional upon completion of the two-year program, or who wish to transfer to a four-year institution and complete a bachelor’s degree. Those who have competed the A.A.S. program will have acquired the necessary skills to work in various public and private social service programs.

Contact information is listed below. Select the email link to send an email. For general program information, contact the administrative assistant. The globe icon Globe Icon identifies faculty web sites. Click the globe to visit the site.

Web Faculty/Staff Phone Office Email
  Bakken, Cathy; Adjunct Instructor - Library Service (509) 533-3148 016-0102
  Bromley, Cory (509) 533-3626 16-102C
  Bury, Eileen; Instructional Tech (509) 533-3621 016-0144A
  Cartwright, Nancy; Instructor (509) 533- -
  Chadderdon, Teah; Instructor (509) 690-7323 016-0102
ASL&122 Davis, Rachel; Interpreter Training Instructor (509) 533-3596 16-135A
  Dean, Bonnie; Secretary Senior, Human Services (509) 533-3148 16-102
  Drake, LeighAnna; Early Childhood Education Instructor (509) 533-3404 16-133C
  Fischer, David; Interpreter Training Instructional Tech (509) 533-3596 19-216E
  Goddard, Andrea; Instructor (509) 533-3148 16-102
  Heflick, Ursula; Instructor (509) 533-3626 16-102C
  Holland, Julie; ASL/Interpreter Training Instructor (509) 533-3143 16-135A
  Hutter, Kimberly; Instructor (509) 533-3618 19-218D
  Johnston, Sharon; Instructor (509) 533-3148 16-102
  Kincaid, Jack; Social Services Instructor (509) 533-3621 16-0144A
  Lamarche, Layna; ASL/Interpreter Training Instructor (509) 533-3618 16-133A
  Lee, Danny; Instructor (509) 533-3148 16-102
Aging and Mental Health Gerontology/Social Services Intro to Human Services Aging and Personality Interpersonal Communication Mental Health Perspectives in Human Services McMahon, Polly; Social Services/Gerontology Instructor (509) 533-3797 016-0102B
  Meier, Catherine; Early Childhood Education Instructor (509) 533-3619 016-0115
Interpreting I ASL Interpreting II Voicing Morrow, Corrine; ASL/Interpreter Training Instructor (509) 533-3730 19-218D
EDUC& 202 EDUC 204 Noel, Judy; Education Instructor (509) 533-3617 16-102E
  O'Bleness, Angela; ASL/Interpreter Training Instructor (509) 533-3618 019-0218D
  Oblenness, Tennille; Early Childhood Education Instructional Tech (509) 533-3095 16-133G
  Paul, Nathan; ASL/Interpreter Training Instructor (509) 533-3618 19-218B
  Peregoy, Barbara; Interpreter Training Instructor (509) 533-3143 016-0135A
ASL&121 Pilant, Melissa; ASL/Interpreter Training Instructor (509) 533-3618 16-133A
Survey of Education Ross, Sandy; Education Instructor (509) 533-3551 16-102F
  Ruddell, Dan; Social Services/Gerontology Instructor (509) 533-3827 16-111
  Salisbury-Currin, Marjorie; Addiction Studies Instructor (509) 533-3148 016-0102D
  Stansbury, Kim; Gerontology Instructor (509) 533-3627 16-113
Human Services Steele, KayDee; Addiction Studies Instructor (509) 533-3620 16-102D
  Stell, Jack; Instructor (509) 533-3620 16-102D
  Stern, Tonya; Instructor (509) 533-3148 016-0102D
  Swan, Paula; Library Tech Instruction and Department Chair (509) 533-3617/ 3809 16-102E
  Thompson, Tina; EWU Social Work Practicum Student (509) 533-3188 29-0118
  Wagner, Bonnie; Education Instructor (509) 533-4209 016-0117
  Waldman, Ryan; Adjunct Faculty - Early Childhood Education (509) 533-3095 016-0133G
  Westermann, April; Early Childhood Education Instructor (509) 533-3148 016-0133B
  Williams, Megan; EWU Social Work Practicum Student (509) 533-3188 29-0118
  Windhorst, Shana; Addiction Studies Instructor (509) 533-3148 016-0102D
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