Hearing Instrument Specialist

About The HIS Program

Instructor Teaching a Class

SFCC offers a six-quarter HIS program for eLearning/Distance and on-campus students. eLearning/Distance students are required to visit campus for the assessment of their skills. Students complete 95 credits and graduate with an associate in applied science (A.A.S.) degree. Currently, there are no prerequisites to enter the program.

The HIS program is challenging. By the end of the program, students complete nearly 500 clinical lab hours. It is difficult for students to work more than 17 hours per week outside of school while enrolled in the program. However, federal work study positions are usually available to qualified students in the HIS program who are interested in obtaining meaningful work experiences in the program’s clinic.

Students should evaluate if they have the necessary resources to succeed in the HIS profession. This field of study requires a combination of academic ability, physical capability, a willingness to relocate and financial resources.