Courses Offered

All course offerings are subject to change. The college cannot guarantee class offerings, designated times or specific instructors - as funding levels and student interest may affect whether or not an offering is available.

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Class Credits
ECED 100Basic Child Care Training 2.0
ECED 101Issues and Trends in Early Childhood Education 5.0
ECED 102Observation and Documentation 1.0-2.0
ECED 103College Success 3.0
ECED 118Early Childhood Education Seminar 0.5-11.0
ECED 124Methods of Learning 5.0
ECED 125Science Methods in ECED 3.0
ECED 126Math Methods in ECED 3.0
ECED 132Fostering Social Competence 5.0
ECED 135Infant/Toddler Care and Education 5.0
ECED 190Child Development 5.0
ECED 226Curriculum Development 5.0
ECED 230Learning Environments 5.0
ECED 254Dynamics of Family Relationships 5.0
ECED 281Capstone Practicum 5.0
ECED 282Practicum I 5.0
ECED 283Practicum II 5.0
ECED 290School-age Development 5.0

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