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Flex Tech Online Learning Program

Flex Tech Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I start my courses?
    - New courses start every quarter.
  • When will the other Flex programs be available?
    - We are hoping to add a second section of courses to Flex Tech starting fall 2014. We will update our site as soon as they are available.
  • Can I take Flex Tech courses and traditional online or in-person courses at the same time?
    - Not at this time. Currently the Flex Tech courses are being offered as a cohort or block of courses.
  • How much do Flex Tech courses cost?
    - Flex Tech courses have the same tuition rate as regular SFCC courses. Please refer to the current fee schedule page for current tuition and fee rates.
  • What kind of funding is available for Flex Tech courses?
    - Flex Tech courses have the same funding options as other SFCC programs and courses. Courses can be paid for using financial aid, military education benefits, scholarships, grants, and employer-funded tuition assistance/reimbursement funding.