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Flex Tech Online Learning Program

"Flex Your Potential... Discover Your Dreams"

Student graduation

Attain the skills needed to expand your career opportunities in today's workforce! Acquire knowledge and update skills in computer applications and a variety of business topics.

A Flex Tech pathway offers:

  • Self-Paced, online learning
  • Flexibile classes
  • Earn a proficiency or mastery certificate that showcases your skills to future employers
  • Access to the Completion Coach for success resources
  • If you finish early and have time, you can add additional Computer Application (CAPPS) courses, accelerating your completion time!

A Completion Coach:

  • Registers you and gets you started
  • Delivers individualized one-on-one time
  • Provides resources for success
  • Helps you navigate college and personal challenges with confidence
  • Prepares you for the next step