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What is Business Technology?

Business Technology students

Picture yourself in an office setting interacting with many different people. Each workday you are involved with business concepts, business communications, computers, software applications, technical office skills, and a variety of office equipment. This active and high-tech environment describes work in the modern office of today.

What skills do I need to be successful in this field?

You must enjoy working with others and making full use of your communication skills. People who are successful in this field like to apply their computer and software knowledge, as well as format and edit business documents. Those who excel are determined, motivated and enthusiastic about change. If you possess these qualities, then the office is a good career environment for you!

What Business Technology programs are offered at SFCC?

Complete Career Planning Guides are available on the Degrees & Certificates page for these options:
  • Business and Software Applications (3 quarter certificate)
  • Office Assistant (3 quarter certificate)
  • Administrative Assistant (6 quarter A.A.S. degree)
  • Information Processing (6-quarter A.A.S. degree)
  • Administrative/ Computer Specialist (6 quarter A.A.S. degree)
  • Certified Professional Secretary (by non-traditional means)

The Office Assistant Certificate requires three quarters to complete and gives you a working knowledge of office procedures and techniques. If you need to update your office skills or find office employment quickly, this is the program for you! Business and Software Applications is another certificate option.

Computer Specialist

The Administration Assistant and the Information Processing options incorporate the office assistant curriculum. These programs allow you to expand on this basic knowledge and excel in one or several areas.

The Administrative/ Computer Specialist curriculum is designed to prepare students for careers as management information specialists, salespersons for vendors or retailers of microcomputer hardware and software, and technical support specialists. The advanced classes develop skills in microcomputer applications for business systems, operating systems, and local area networks. Topics include programming system software concepts, using applications packages, database concepts, telecommunications, and support of end users.

Students in all of these six-quarter office administration options polish their business communication skills through letter and report writing. They also become experts at using popular word processing and spreadsheet software. Upon completion, they receive an A.A.S. degree.

What courses will I take at SFCC?

To gain Business Technology skills, you'll enroll in keyboarding and formatting classes using the latest versions of popular business software programs. You'll learn word processing desktop publishing, spreadsheeting, and e-mail.

To enhance your office knowledge, you'll take additional classes in business communications and correspondence, records information management, business math and accounting.

You'll also gain practical experience and the ability to discuss job and career opportunities through practicums, internship classes, and a job preparation course.

What careers are available?

Business Technology students

There is continued strong demand for administrative and office support professionals. As technology continues to play a major part in the job descriptions of these positions, many new jobs will be available in a variety of industries. Opportunities abound in a wide range of positions for Business Technology graduates. As businesses seek to maximize the productivity and efficiency throughout their operations, advancement opportunities are wide open for graduates of the Business Technology program.

Examples of job titles include:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Secretary
  • Executive Assistant
  • Executive Secretary
  • Office Manager
  • Executive Word Processor
  • Desktop Publishing Specialist
  • Receptionist
  • Office Clerk
  • Management Information Specialist
  • Computer Sales Associate
  • Technical Support Specialist

Besides getting a degree, how can I document what I have learned?

Proficiency Certificates / Certificates of Excellence
In addition to the degrees and certificates awarded by SFCC, the Business Technology Department awards Recognition of Proficiency certificates in a variety of areas including business writing, office management, keyboarding and business document formatting, and information processing. In order to receive a Recognition of Proficiency Certificate, a student must complete a pre-determined list of courses with a minimum grade of 3.0. A Certificate of Excellence is earned with a minimum 3.5 in each course. Please call Stephanie Freeman at 533-4144 for more information.

What will I able to earn in this field?

The type of work you do, your level of skill and technology, and the location of the business you work for will play a key role in the salary you receive. Entry-level positions usually start above the minimum-wage level, and advancement is usually rewarded with pay raises. The average pay range for competent administrative support professionals is $1,800 to $2,700 per month.