What's Happening

Monday 2/26/2018
Title: Refugees Around the World and in Spokane
Description: Intercultural Week event. Refugee 101 - World Relief Non-profit Organization
Monday 2/26/2018
Title: Exploring the Globe Through Film
Description: Intercultural Week event. International film will be explored as being an art that is quite different from Hollywood movies. After explaining specific films from several countries, the trailers will be viewed.
Monday 2/26/2018
Title: Voices from Africa
Description: Intercultural Week event. A panel of SFCC students from Kenya, Ethiopia, Benin, Togo, Zambia, and Congo will discuss their life in Africa, misconceptions, positive progress and challenges their various countries. Moderated by Cameron McCormick.
Tuesday 2/27/2018
Title: The True Afghanistan
Description: Intercultural Week event. From his background as an Afghan filmmaker and acting instructor, Nasrollah Mohammadi would like to share the rich historical culture and depth of traditions that guide the Afghan personality.
Tuesday 2/27/2018
Title: Deaf Culture through Deaf History (includes ASL)
Description: Intercultural Week event. Melissa Pilant plans to share information with you concerning Deaf Culture topics, differences between hearing and deaf worlds, and why deafness is a culture and not a disability.
Tuesday 2/27/2018
Title: Understanding Chinese Culture through its Proverbs
Description: Intercultural Week event. By explaining and demonstrating some Chinese proverbs that are deep-rooted in Chinese culture, the audience will become more aware of Chinese culture and how it directly affects the way you interact with Chinese students.