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The Wire Harp

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The Wire Harp is an instruction-related club which produces the annual creative arts publication of SFCC. It features poetry, fiction, non-fiction, photography, fine art, and graphic art contributed primarily by SFCC students, but also faculty, staff, alumni, and visiting writers. While SFCC has always produced a magazine, for the past 19 years its been named The Wire Harp. The magazine enjoys an excellent reputation, and is distributed to all colleges and libraries in the state as well as institutions and private individuals in the extended west. The magazine has won several statewide and one national award for excellence. Funded by Associated Students of SFCC, it is distributed free of charge.

What is its purpose?

As an instruction-related club, it is designed to give students the opportunity to learn how to put a magazine together, from the earliest stages of assembling a staff and getting the word out, to soliciting submissions, devising a system for evaluating the quality of the submissions, and preparing the chosen pieces for publication. Most importantly, it provides our students with an outlet for their creative endeavors and fosters pride in the fruits of their year-long efforts.

Who works on it?

Anyone who is interested in it. and is prepared to commit him or herself to the task for a full school year. Experience is desired but not necessary. The most important quality is dependability. There are many different tasks involved in putting a magazine together, and we try to find a niche for everyone involved. Once we know who is interested, we will arrange weekly meetings that fit everyone's schedule. The strongest possibility is Wednesdays at 11:30 (since this time is set aside for special events) or Friday afternoons, as most people have no classes at that time.

How much time will be involved?

Besides 60 - 90 minute weekly meetings, you will be expected to help in getting the word out (hanging up posters, etc.) and whatever special tasks need attention. Fall quarter usually focuses on advertising and on training staff (developing guidelines and standards, planning events, etc.) With an early Winter quarter deadline, Winter quarter is usually the busiest time (reading and selecting submissions; preparing for publication).

How do I get on the staff?

Contact one of the advisors. Currently, there are 3 advisors:
Literary Advisor
Connie Scott
Graphic Arts Advisor
Doug Crabtree
Laura Read

How do I submit writing, art, or photography?


Sometime in the fall quarter, you will see posters hung around campus announcing that the Wire Harp is accepting submissions. Additionally, submission guidelines for literary works can be found in several locations in Bldg 5: in the Communications Dept office, in a folder tacked to a bulletin board, and near Connie Wasem's office (5126). Follow these guidelines for formatting your poems and stories. The deadline for submissions is near the beginning of winter quarter.

Download a PDF submission form

All submissions must have your name, address, phone number, and email on them. (Without this information, we will not be able to contact you if your work is accepted or rejected). We do not accept anonymous submissions, nor any piece that has been previously published.

To submit in person

Submit literary works to the Communications Department (Bldg. 5, Room 119)
Submit art and photography to Graphic Arts Department (Bldg. 19, Room 216)

To submit by mail

Manuscripts, accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope, should be addressed to:

The Wire Harp
Spokane Falls Community College
Communications MS 3050
3410 West Fort George Wright Drive
Spokane, WA 99204-5288

What do I get out of this?

A variety of personal and professional benefits: you work as a team player with people who are also interested in creative work; you learn responsibility and the art of discussion and compromise; and you get the insider's view of the inner workings of a creative magazine from accepting submissions to selecting the best work to go to press.