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Engineering/Computer Science Club

Statement of Purpose

Advisor Contact Info
Mark Gorski
(509) 533-3250

The Engineering/CS Club was formed to encourage camaraderie, networking, and design experience among students interested in technology, engineering, and hands-on creativity. The Club meets during the Wednesday free hour at 11:30 am as activities are planned. Usually this is no more than twice per month.

Club activities include :
  • Simple design competitions lasting no more than an hour, such as catapults, cardboard bridges, rubber band cars, and more
  • Larger design challenges where students would have several weeks or months to work on a project, and then demonstrate their creation at SFCC, to a professional engineering organization, or at a competition involving several colleges/universities
  • Bringing in experts from industry and from universities to speak at the college

Persons interested in the club are encouraged to attend a club meeting. The club has no membership requirement, no dues, and no commitment to participant in more than what a student wants and is able to do.

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