Spokane Falls Community College Planetarium

In the spring of 2011, the Spokane Falls Community College opened the doors to its new 72,000 square foot science building. Proudly showcased within that building is a state-of-the-art digital planetarium that is the only facility of its kind within the city of Spokane and neighboring region. The planetarium was designed as a virtual classroom into the universe for students of all ages, supporting one of the primary goals of the SFCC mission statement: "...promoting community services of an educational, cultural, and recreational nature in concert with community partners."

In concert with that mission and the growing emphasis on science education, SFCC offers free K-12 planetarium field trips to local schools and educational groups during the school year. Beginning early in 2012, low-cost, planetarium shows will be offered to the general public. A trip to a local planetarium is a memorable way to get people of all ages excited about science and the wonders of the universe.

The planetarium as a structure is a prominent feature on the SFCC campus. The cylindrical, domed room is one of the first recognizable features a driver sees coming over the crest of the hill from the Spokane River. Our vision for the planetarium as a facility is to have that same status in the community; promoting and serving science education.

Planetarium Schedule


SUMMER Public Planetarium Show Schedule





Tickets on Sale

July 31

Black Holes

1:30 pm

On Sale

August 7

Earth Moon & Sun *

1:30 pm

On Sale

August 12

** Secret Lives of Stars

7:00 pm

July 28

August 14

Undiscovered Worlds

1:30 pm

July 28

August 21

Earth Moon Sun *

1:30 pm

August 4

                                *  This feature is best suited to audiences aged 5-11

                                 ** Perseid meteor shower will be discussed/presented

Public Shows at the Planetarium

*Tickets must be purchased in advance of the show. See Tickets tab for details.

There are four shows that rotate throughout the month. Each one hour show begins with an introduction to observing the seasonal night sky. The presenter will show which planets, stars, constellations, and other celestial objects can be seen during the current night sky. The second part of each show will feature a 25-30 minute movie that plays over the entire surface of the dome (full-dome). As time permits, a question and answer period will be included at the end of each show.

Click on the pictures for a description of each full-dome movie.

Coming in January:

K-12 Shows at the Planetarium

Tuesdays and Thursdays

11:30 AM - 12:20 PM; 12:30 PM - 1:20 PM


  • Additional times available for a nominal educational fee of $50 (see Rent Facility tab)

To schedule a free show for your K-12 school group, please contact:

Melody Verdugo
Computing, Math & Science Secretary

For questions about the planetarium, other than scheduling, please contact:

John Whitmer
SFCC Astronomy Instructor

Public Show Tickets

  • Ticket sales end at 4:00 PM on Friday. Tickets are not sold at the door.
  • $6.00 for general admission
  • $3.00 for CCS students and anyone under 18
By Phone:
SFCC Cashier's Office
(509) 533-3569
Tickets will be available for pickup immediately before the show
In Person:
Spokane Falls Community College
3410 W Fort George Wright Drive Spokane WA 99224 Cashier's Office, Building 17
Call (509) 533-3569 for hours

The following website summarizes objects visible in the night sky for the current week. This would allow your students a chance to look at what they might see during the night sky portion of the planetarium show and prepare questions for the presenter.

The following website shows daily pictures of astronomical phenomena and is a great site for educators who are looking for eye-catching pictures to show their students.

The following are educator guides based on our full-dome movies.

The Planetarium is available for dedicated shows.

The planetarium may be rented for a one hour show. Rentals are subject to the availability of a presenter, and the price charged is based on anticipated attendance. Additional seats can be added at the time of the show for $10.00 per person.

A one hour show consists of a presentation of the current night sky, a 20-25 minute full dome movie, and a question and answer session with the presenter.

Standard Fee

$10.00 per person (10 person minimum 52 person maximum)

Non-profit and State Agency Rate*

$10.00 per person (10 person minimum)
$250.00 for 25 or more persons (52 person maximum)
* Prior approval of non-profit agency rate is required

School Rate

(for shows held outside of our regularly scheduled K-12 times) $50.00 (52 person maximum)

Contact us for rental information and availability

Melody Verdugo
Computing, Math & Science Secretary