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Faculty Handbook
The Faculty Handbook has been recently revised. With a fresh look and updated content, you will find the Faculty Handbook a useful resource.

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Mentoring at SFCC


The mentor serves as the major contact person to orient the new faculty and promote a sense of belonging to ease the transition into the culture of SFCC.


  1. The mentor does not have to be in the same discipline. Wanting a job as a mentor is more important than the subject/discipline area.
  2. Having a mentor from the same discipline may be advantageous depending on the size and nature of the department/ discipline.
  3. The mentor should be compatible with the mentee and be reasonably accessible throughout the quarter/year. Considerations might include schedules, outside commitments, campus logistics, and length of service at the college.
  4. It is preferable that the mentor not be on the mentee’s tenure committee.


  1. Acclimate the faculty member to their department by introducing them to other members of the department that they will most frequently meet in the halls or are part of their discipline, showing them where mailboxes, faculty lounges, bathrooms, printers, etc. are located. Informing them of the best places to part their car for a particular building, and making certain they have been assigned an office and knows where it is.
  2. Meet face to face before the quarter starts to make a connection and meet again the second week of the quarter.
  3. Attend both the beginning and midterm new faculty orientation luncheon with the mentee to assist with topics that are covered.
  4. Check in weekly for the first quarter (be proactive).
  5. Share important emails that are specific to the person. Remember we get so many emails they may be unable to sort based on importance.
  6. Invite them to attend educational and social events on campus.
  7. Review textbook ordering and grading procedures with the mentee.
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