Disability Support Services

Using DSS Services

What happens once I come to the Disability Support Services Office?

Intake Process
  • The student meets with either the Director/Counselor or the Program Support Supervisor. At this meeting basic information is gathered on the student's disability (via discussion and documentation review).
  • DSS services are explained and releases are signed.
  • The student's area of study is identified and an accommodation plan is worked out and agreed upon.
  • Support services in this plan are determined on an individual need basis and are re-evaluated each quarter.
  • DSS may also advise and assist the student in getting registered for classes.

What does Disability Support Services charge for their assistance?

There is no charge to the student for services provided by the Disability Support Services office. The Office of Civil Rights web site explains your rights under the law as it relates to disability issues.

Does Disability Support Services provide loans, grants or scholarships to students?

  • Disability Support Services has no funding programs; however, we can direct students to the Financial Aid Office where they can apply for Federal grants and loans.
  • Another area to investigate is the SFCC Career & Student Employment Center which keeps a list of scholarships for which students can apply.
  • Outside agencies such as Division of Vocational Rehab, DSB, or SSDI may also help out with funding for education. See the Resource Links page.

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