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The mission of the Counseling Department is to empower individuals to identify, pursue, and complete educational and personal objectives appropriate to their career and lifetime goals.


Destination Eastern


Getting Started at SFCC

  • I'm interested in attending your college and don't know
  • I want to start college but I'm would be best for me.
  • How do I know what books to purchase? When can I
  • I don't know what
  • I'm not sure how to
  • When is the last day to receive a refund?
  • When is my due?
  • Does your college have
  • Can I while attending SFCC?

About Our Programs and Classes

  • Where can get I get a copy of the
  • I'd like a copy of your
  • What type of do you offer?
  • I'm interested in the program. Who do I contact?
  • I'm interested in the program. Who do I contact?
  • I need information on
  • I'd like to know more about the
  • I need information about

Special Needs Services and Programs

  • What type of support do you offer
  • I'm a who's interested in attending college.
  • I'm a and have recently experienced changes in my life that now require me to work.
  • I'm a and would like information on attending your college.
  • Do you offer to students attending your college?

Financing Your Education

  • I'm looking for information on
  • Where can I find out about opportunities for students?
  • I need help with filling out my forms.

Grades and Graduation

  • How do I get
  • I think I have What do I do now?

The following resources are available in the Career & Student Employment Center:

Transfer Advisors

Eastern Washington, Washington State, Gonzaga, Whitworth, and Washington Governors University admissions representatives and faculty from various departments are available by appointment on a scheduled basis from September to June. Schedule an appointment for transfer advising.


We have applications for all Washington Universities, many regional private colleges, as well as community colleges and technical schools.

College Transfer Guides

You might want to pick up a transfer guide to any of the four-year colleges in Washington.

Eastern Washington University
University of Washington
Washington State University
Western Washington University
Washington Governors University
View additional links to four-year colleges and universities in Washington.

College Catalogs

College catalogs for Washington state, the United States and International Colleges and Universities. Listed alphabetically and geographically.

Washington State Catalogs
  Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board: "Where Are You Going?"

National College Catalogs
  American Universities:
  Community Colleges:

General Education Online
  Web directory of links to over 6,400 higher educational facilities around the world.

Community and Technical Colleges

Discover your career interests, explore your education options and find the Washington state community or technical college that best meets your goals.


Contact information is listed below. Select the email link to send an email. For general program information, contact the office information phone number.


Office Information - (509) 533-3525
Web Faculty/Staff Office Email
  Baldwin, Leslie; Counselor 030-0230 Leslie.Baldwin@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Havko, Cindy; Counselor 30-229 Cindy.Havko@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Pemberton, Loren; Co-Chair 30-227 Loren.Pemberton@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Shelton, Shawna; Counselor 30-228 Shawna.Shelton@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Vigil, Cynthia; Co-Chair 30-231 Cynthia.Vigil@sfcc.spokane.edu
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Web Interns Office Email
  Lopez, Celeste; Counseling Intern 30-246 Celeste.Lopez@sfcc.spokane.edu
  McAllister, Jason; Counseling Intern 30-246 Jason.McAllister@sfcc.spokane.edu
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Disability Support Services

Office Information - (509) 533-4166
Web Faculty/Staff Office Email
  Birkett, Sheryl; Program Support Supervisor H.I. 17-201C Sheryl.Birkett@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Breneman, Marti; Program Support Supervisor 17-201 Marti.Breneman@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Merritt, Angela; Manager 17-202 Angela.Merritt@sfcc.spokane.edu
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Multicultural Center

Office Information - (509) 533-4331
Web Faculty/Staff Office Email
  Austin, Pam 17-126 Pam.Austin@sfcc.spokane.edu
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Multicultural Transitions

Office Information - (509) 533-3768
Web Faculty/Staff Office Email
  January, Kiara 17-162 Kiara.January@sfcc.spokane.edu
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Running Start Program

Office Information - (509) 533-3435
Web Faculty/Staff Office Email
  Buckingham, Jade; Running Start Program Assistant 17-150 Jade.Buckingham@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Hahto, Barb; Running Start Coordinator and Counselor 17-150 Barb.Hahto@sfcc.spokane.edu
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