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Office Information - (509) 533-3525
Faculty/Staff Office Email
Apfelbaum, Jordan; Program Assistant 030-0245
Bush, Kenzie; Counseling Intern 030-0246
Foster, Danielle; Counseling Intern 030-0246
Havko, Cindy; Counselor 030-0230
Mackleit, Christine; Counselor 030-0229
Moret, Katie; Counseling Intern 030-0246
Pemberton, Loren; Counselor 030-0227
Savas, Tanya; Counseling Intern 030-0246
Shelton, Shawna; Counselor 030-0228
Stoltey, Kris; Counselor 030-0232
Vigil, Cynthia; Counselor (Department Chair) 030-0231
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Disability Support Services

Office Information - (509) 533-4166
Faculty/Staff Office Email
Birkett, Sheryl; Program Support Supervisor H.I. 017-0201
De Leon, Sonya; Program Assistant 017-0201
Hegney, Shaun; Program Specialist 2 017-201B
Merritt, Angela; Manager 017-0202
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Mosaic (Multicultural Center)

Office Information - (509) 533-4331
Faculty/Staff Office Email
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Dual Enrollment - Running Start and College in the High School

Office Information - (509) 533-3435
Faculty/Staff Office Email
Hahto, Barb; Counselor 017-0150
Loh-Taylor, Junnie; Program Specialist 2 017-0150
Opgrand, Barbara; Program Specialist 017-0150B
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