Work Study Services

What is Work Study?

Students gain valuable job experience and an opportunity to evaluate their program of study and career goals by participating in work study programs. There are several types of work study:

  • The Federal and State program is available to financial aid-eligible students to help pay for college.
  • Work First work study is for students receiving TANF grants from the state.
  • Placements for students who are non-eligible for financial aid include student government, tutoring, international, club representation, and athletics.
  • Other Work Programs

How do I get Work Study?

Apply for financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), answering yes to the question that you are interested in work study. You will receive an award notification from the Financial Aid Office and Letter of interest from the Work Study office. Or schedule an appointment to discuss work study.

Certificate of Eligibility

Once you have completed and turned in your W-4 and I-9 forms to the Career and Student Employment Center, you will receive an SFCC Work Study Certificate of Eligibility form. This form contains information about your award and how many hours you may work per week. The SFCC Work Study Certificate of Eligibility must be signed by the supervisor and returned to the Career and Student Employment Center.

Determination of Job Assignments

Job assignments are made to students based on the needs of the school and as much as possible the skills and interests of the students. Occasionally it may be necessary for a student to change job assignments, however this must be cleared through the Career and Student Employment Coordinator and the student’s supervisor. Failure to comply may result in the student losing work study funding.

Determination of Hours

To determine how many hours students may work per week, the total quarterly work award is divided by the number of weeks in the quarter. That is then divided by the pay rate. Students need to work, on an average, that number of hours per week in order to earn, and not exceed, their full award. If the supervisor is unable to provide work for the student for that number of hours per week, the student should contact the Career and Student Employment Coordinator for additional job assignments. Students funded by the federal Work Study Program may not work more than an average of 19 hours per week when classes are in session, or more than 40 hours per week during vacation periods.

Pay Rates

The pay rates for each assigned job will be based on the student’s award (Federal, State, International, etc.) combined with the position the student will be working in. This is accomplished in accordance with District policy, along with all Federal and State regulations.

Time Sheets and Payment

Access Online Hourly Timesheets through the CCS Portal. Time sheets must be turned in by the last day of each month, except for June when they must be turned in the last day of spring quarter. Late time sheets will not be processed until the next pay period. Pay dates are on the 15th day of each month. If the 15th is on the weekend, the pay date will be the Friday before. Students are encouraged to sign up for Direct Deposit of your paycheck into your personal account.

Work Study Orientation

All students are required to complete Work Study Orientation prior to job placement. Do not complete this orientation unless you have received notification that you are eligible for work study. Click on the link below to begin.


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