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SFCC Scholarship Search

Online Scholarship Resources

CCS Foundation (Community Colleges of Spokane)
Over 200 scholarships with varying eligibility requirements.

Financial Aid Search through the Web

College Board Online Scholarship Search
Scholarship Search

Pepsi Scholarship/Tuition Funding
A computerized scholarship search funded by the Pepsi Corp. includes information form all fifty states as well as scholarships from private sources.

Washington Financial Aid Association
Resources for Washington Students

Scholarship Information for Colleges in Washington State

Resources in the Career Center

  • Discover - As part of the Discover software, a scholarship search is available using various sort criteria such as major, residency, academic record etc.
  • The Scholarship Book 2003 - National Scholarship Service by David Cassidy
  • Sports Scholarships and College Athletic Programs - 1998 Peterson’s book which covers men’s and women’s sports at more than 1,700 colleges
  • Don’t Miss Out, 2000 - The ambitious student’s guide to financial aid
  • The A’s & B’s of Academic Scholarships - 100,000 Ways to beat the high cost of college
  • Multicultural Scholarship Handbook
    • Native American
    • Hispanic American
    • Asian American
    • African American
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