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Running Start - General Information

What is Running Start?
Running Start is a college credit program that is an outgrowth of the CHOICE legislation of 1990. Academically qualified students may enroll in courses at Spokane Falls Community College to earn credit for high school graduation and toward a college degree. Running Start students may attend high school and college classes, or solely in college classes.

How does Running Start work?
Students take SFCC courses their junior year and senior year of high school. They may take two years of courses under Running Start if they start at the beginning of the junior year. Classes taken at the college are limited to "college level courses". The student receives both high school and college credit for completed classes. It is the high school’s responsibility to establish grade placement criteria.

May home-schooled students participate?
Yes, but the student must enroll through the local public high school. The high school will determine junior or senior standing. The student does not have to attend the high school.

May the student enroll both in High School and SFCC?
Yes. A student may be counted for up to 2 Full-Time Equivalents (FTE's) between the high school and SFCC. This requires coordination between schools.

Contact Information

  • Contact your Running Start high school counselor at your student's school.
  • You may also contact Barb Hahto at SFCC:
    Phone: (509) 533-3524

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