More Programs

Students taking on responsibilities in Student Government are provided with opportunities to learn real-world skills in leadership. Check out the Student Government web site!

GOVT 161 - VICA Seminar (1 cr)

Conference course for students in the VICA program or similar groups; leadership and organization structure in student activities; applying for and holding a job, employee-employer relations; personal achievement; and the challenge of leadership.

GOVT 191, GOVT 192, GOVT 193 - Student Senate (1 cr)

The responsibilities of the decision-making process of student government with emphasis on human relations, group interaction, developing the human potential of the individual and improving communication skills and decision-making abilities. Open to all students interested in the student government process.

GOVT 195, GOVT 196, GOVT 197 - Activities Board (1 cr)

Responsibilities of program management through representative student government; emphasis on program development for the college, group interaction, communication skills and decision-making abilities. For members of student clubs and organizations and students interested in program development and scheduling management.