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SFCC Programs of Study

Can't decide on a program of study?

What's the difference between SFCC's programs and degrees?

Community college programs serve three basic student populations:

  1. Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution
  2. Students looking for short-term job training or retraining
  3. Students looking to progress from a variety of AAS degrees into a Bachelor of Applied Sciences (BAS) degree. To find out more, please visit our website or email us at BAS@spokane.sfcc.edu.

Pre-major programs meet the needs of transfer students, who select from over 40 pre-majors. In consultation with an faculty academic consultant, each student designs a program that meets the requirements of either the Associate of Arts degree or the Associate of Science Transfer Degree and the requirements of the transfer four-year institution.

Career/Technical programs are designed primarily for short-term job training or retraining. Most of these courses are also transferable; however, the programs may not meet all the requirements of four-year institutions offering degrees in the same major. All students planning to transfer to a four-year institution should meet with an faculty academic consultant to ensure all requirements are met.

Associate of Applied Science degrees are awarded upon completion of approximately six quarters. Certificate programs require as little as three quarters of classes.

Bachelor of Applies Science degrees are designed for students completing an AAS, AS or AA degree and are looking to complete the Bachelor’s degree here at Spokane Falls Community College. The program is 6 quarters long and courses are offered in several different formats including Online, Hybrid and Evening.

Articulation and Direct Transfer Agreements

Some programs are designed to guarantee transfer to specific institutions, especially within Washington State. View articulation agreements on the CCS website. View a list of Direct Transfer Agreements between the state community colleges and public baccalaureate institutions.

Bachelor of Applied Science Degrees

Community Colleges in the state of Washington are now authorized to offer students 4-year baccalaureate degrees in a select number of fields. Students may progress from a variety of AAS degrees and progress directly into a baccalaureate program of study. Explore the BAS program at SFCC.

Your success is our success!

Faculty and staff at Spokane Falls Community College focus on student learning. Expected student learning outcomes are clearly defined throughout SFCC courses and programs. Ongoing assessment and quality program improvements are used to upgrade faculty teaching and student learning.

Check out our diverse selection of programs designed to meet the needs of our diverse population!