Military Students

Fairchild AFB Education Center: The center is open to the general public and serves Lincoln County and the West Plains area. Students without official military credentials to access Fairchild must complete a Fairchild Base Pass Application

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Community Colleges of Spokane values the college-level knowledge students may have acquired outside the traditional college classroom. You may have acquired this knowledge through your past work, independent reading and study, training programs or in-service courses, military training not evaluated for credit by ACE (American Council on Education), or other experiences. Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) enables you to articulate this knowledge and potentially earn credit for it.

Please refer to the CCS Prior Learning Assessment website before filling out the application form.

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Military Friendly School
Priority Deadline

All paperwork needs to be completed within 30 days before the quarter begins to ensure military/veteran students will receive their benefits on time. Military/Veteran students who submit paperwork after the deadline will STILL be served, but payments from the VA will be delayed.


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