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Student Showcase - Essay

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English 101, Connie Wasem

Students tell stories of "educational" experiences that have liberated them, sometimes literally.

Title Who is the Real Enemy?
Author Kristen Guzman
   Have you ever had one of those conversations that at the moment does not seem all that important, but as you look back had become a huge turning point in your life? I have always had a curiosity about World War II and was given the opportunity to experience a little of it first hand by living in Germany for three years. Many people have not had the chance to learn what living through WWII was like for the people in Europe. I had the privilege of speaking with someone who lived through the war. This conversation began so simply, but forever changed the way I think and feel about World War II. I need to share this story in hope that it will affect others in the same way.

Title Tierra Nueva
Author Robert James
   “Alien... This is so alien to me.” was the first thought I had when I stepped off the 737 airliner that had brought me to Honduras. Along with the airliner, I was leaving the American world of clean running water, and readily available modern medicine that I knew so well, behind me. I stepped into some of the thickest, hottest and moist air I had ever felt. More rather, the muggy, invisible fog stepped onto me. This was all due to me having the privilege of accompanying my dad on his semi-annual trip to Honduras where he offers medical aid for free to those in need. This experience liberated me of my ignorance and opened my eyes to how most Americans are very uninformed and isolated from the rest of the world; they don’t look at the fact that there is starvation and poverty and that almost nobody is doing anything about it.

Title Point Shoes and Peanut Butter
Author Phoebe Jones
   The smell of rosin, sweat, floor polish and dust creates a warm and all most intoxicating aroma that will always remind a dancer of a poorly ventilated ballroom in which they spent countless hours dancing in front of tall mirrors, trying to achieve perfection whether it be for performance or their own personal satisfaction. You learn to fight for perfection and never to give in to pain. You must push your self farther and farther each time until you can perform each and every element flawlessly with a quiet smile upon your face. This may appear to be more of a lesson in torture than liberation, but I can assure you that for me there was no greater lesson for me to learn than those acquired on a dance floor covered with peanut butter residue.