Tuition Payment

You can receive financial aid for any enrollment status for most types of aid.

Full Time 12 or more credits
Three-quarter Time 9 - 11 credits
Half Time 6 - 8 credits
Less than Half Time 5 or fewer credits
You may receive Pell Grant funding in some cases.

All financial aid awards are based on full time enrollment. If you will enroll less than full time, your award will be pro-rated down to the appropriate enrollment status before the check is printed.

How does adding or dropping classes affect my financial aid check?

Checks are generated before the start of each quarter based on your enrollment status. Check amounts may be incorrect if you later add or drop classes.

  • If you add classes before Census Day and change your enrollment status you may receive additional grant funds.
  • If you drop classes before Census Day and change your enrollment status, you may be required to repay the funds you received for which you were not entitled.