Pre-Major Programs

Pre-major/Transfer Degrees

SFCC offers several transfer degree options:

Select a link below for transfer program or department information. For assistance choosing the pre-major that is right for you, contact an academic counselor or your faculty academic consultant. You may also browse SFCC Career Guides for a list of all programs.

List of Pre-majors

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Accounting Pre-majorAccounting, Economics and Business
Anthropology Pre-majorSocial Science
Art - AFA, CFAFine Arts
Art Pre-majorFine Arts
Biological Science Pre-majorLife Sciences
Business Administration Pre-majorAccounting, Economics and Business
Chemistry Pre-majorPhysical Sciences
ChineseCommunication Arts and Modern Languages
Chiropractic Pre-majorLife Sciences
Communication Studies Pre-majorCommunication Arts and Modern Languages
Computer Science Pre-majorComputer Science
Dental Hygiene Pre-majorLife Sciences
Dentistry Pre-majorLife Sciences
Digital Media ProductionApplied Visual Arts
Drama Pre-major, AFACommunication Arts and Modern Languages
Earth Science Pre-majorPhysical Sciences
Economics Pre-majorAccounting, Economics and Business
Education Pre-major: Mathematics DTAHuman Services (Education, Social Services)
Engineering Pre-majorPhysical Sciences
English Pre-majorEnglish
Foreign Language Pre-majorCommunication Arts and Modern Languages
FrenchCommunication Arts and Modern Languages
Geography Pre-majorSocial Science
Geology Pre-majorPhysical Sciences
Health, P.E. & Recreation Pre-majorPhysical Education
History Pre-majorSocial Science
International Studies Pre-majorSocial Science
JapaneseCommunication Arts and Modern Languages
Journalism Pre-MajorEnglish
Law Pre-MajorSocial Science
Mathematics Pre-majorMathematics
Medicine Pre-majorLife Sciences
Music Pre-majorMusic and Recording Arts
Nursing Pre-majorLife Sciences
Oceanography Pre-majorPhysical Sciences
Pharmacy Pre-majorLife Sciences
Philosophy Pre-majorPhilosophy
Physics Pre-majorPhysical Sciences
Political Science Pre-majorSocial Science
Psychology Pre-majorSocial Science
Sociology Pre-MajorSocial Science
SpanishCommunication Arts and Modern Languages
Veterinary Medicine Pre-majorLife Sciences

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