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Interior Design FAQs

WSU Transfer Students

Why should I be interested in a B.A. in Interior Design?
With the Interior Design industry growing and becoming more competitive, students with their B.A. in Interior Design from a 4-year university will have a broader base of knowledge and will be more marketable to larger design firms. Students are more likely to begin earning higher wages and secure entry-level design positions. Finally, students may find it easier to gain employment in larger metropolitan areas with a 4-year degree.

How does the 4-year Transfer Track to WSU work?
Students on the 4-year track spend their first three years at SFCC, then transfer to the Washington State University Design Institute in Spokane for a year and a summer quarter. Classes at SFCC are a combination of the core Interior Design classes as well as GURs (General University Requirements). When students are at WSU, they take only required Interior Design classes.

How are the classes different for WSU transfer students?
Because students on the WSU transfer track will earn their degree from a 4 year university, they must meet the university’s requirements for graduation, which may include classes like Western Civilization, Economics, Sciences, and Math for Liberal Arts, to name a few. Transfer students still complete the core Interior Design coursework, they just add GUR classes.

Sounds great! Why isn’t everyone pursuing the transfer track program?
First, it is a very intense program. Students take at least one extra GUR class per quarter and attend at least one summer quarter. Students with substantial outside commitments are encouraged to consider this program wisely. Second, students must spend an additional year in school. By the time they finish their 2nd or 3rd year in school, many students are very anxious to get out in the ‘real world’ and work. Third, obviously there is additional expense. Yes, students spend the first three years at SFCC at the lowered tuition, but when attending WSU, students must pay university tuition costs and fees.

Will I be able to find a good job if I don’t have a B.A.?
Absolutely! The Interior Design industry boasts an incredible variety of jobs and career tracks easily obtained by either the 2-year A.A.S. in Residential Interior Design or 3-year Professional Diploma in Commercial Design.

Can I really fit in all the classes I need to transfer in 3 years?
Yes. Our Program Director, Leslie Ann Schifferns, worked for years on this articulation with WSU to ensure that the 3 years at SFCC will provide all transferable credits to satisfy the WSU requirements. The only exception to this has been students who start our program in a lower math class. The transfer track requires students take Math 115, Math for Liberal Arts, here at SFCC. Yet many of our students need to start at Math 90 or 91.
If this is the case, students may need to take 2 or 3 extra quarters of math before being ready to take Math 115. These extra math classes may prolong the student’s time at SFCC.

Do I have to take extra GUR classes if I already have my A.A.?
No, none. If you’re entering our transfer program having already earned your A.A., you’ll have a considerably easier course load every quarter, as you won’t need to take any of the extra GUR classes. You’ll only need to take the core Interior Design classes. To be safe and to avoid any last minute surprises, though, do contact a WSU transcript evaluator to be certain that all of your A.A. classes will transfer.

What if I’m on the 4-year track but don’t advance after the 2nd year review?
If a transfer track student doesn’t advance to our 3rd year classes, they may need to re-evaluate and change their collegiate plan and perhaps their career goals as well. Depending on current enrollment, space availability and work improvement to meet evaluation standards, you may be able to reapply the following spring. Students are invited to meet with one of our program advisors to explore potential options.

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