Developmental Education

Many students entering college or returning after an extended absence from studies need additional work to prepare for college-level courses. To meet the needs of these students, SFCC offers a series of courses in mathematics, reading, writing and study skills. Placement in many of these courses is determined by recommendation or performance on assessment tests required for admission to the college.

Courses are offered in the traditional classroom format and through individualized, self-paced instruction in a learning center. These courses are numbered below 100 and, although taken for credit, are nontransferable. For additional information visit the Basic Studies page.

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Class Credits
Class Credits
MATH 020Mathematics Center 1 1.0-5.0
MATH 021Developmental Math 5.0
MATH 030Introduction to Texas Instruments Calculators 1.0
MATH 035The Metric System 1.0
MATH 070Basic Mathematics I 2.0
MATH 071Basic Mathematics II 2.0
MATH 072Basic Mathematics III 2.0
MATH 090Pre-Algebra 5.0
MATH 091Elementary Algebra I 5.0
MATH 092Elementary Algebra II 5.0
MATH 093Algebra I 5.0
MATH 094Algebra II 5.0
MATH 095Mathematics Center 2 1.0-5.0
MATH 096Introductory Algebra 5.0
MATH 097Intermediate Algebra: A Modeling Approach 5.0
MATH 098Algebra III 5.0
MATH 099Intermediate Algebra 5.0

For more information, call the SFCC Communications Learning Center ((509) 533-3604) or Math Learning Center ((509) 533-3671).