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Communication Arts, Modern Languages & Drama

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Broughton, Irv; Instructor

Broughton, Irv; Instructor Office: 005-0133

Phone: (509) 533-3824

Email: Irv.Broughton@sfcc.spokane.edu

Irv Broughton has taught at SFCC Since 1976. He came from the University of Washington where he taught in the School of Communications. He's author of ten books including Producers on Producing and Forever Remembered: The Fliers of WWII. Irv is a filmmaker and a three-time winner of the NW Film and Video Festival. He holds B.A. and M.A. degrees from Florida State and an M.A. in Creative Writing from Hollins College. A former collegiate basketball player at FSU, he still loves his "hoops" and is a huge fan of FSU football and basketball. He likes bonsai.

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Edlin-Marlowe, Sara; Instructor

Edlin-Marlowe, Sara; Instructor Office: 005-0143E/0134

Phone: (509) 533-3222

Email: Sara.Edlin-Marlowe@sfcc.spokane.edu

SARA EDLIN-Marlowe teaches theatre and speech at SFCC; she has also taught in the Applied Education Division at Spokane Community College. Currently she is the faculty advisor for Whitworth.fm, a webcast station (formerly KWRS), at Whitworth. For ten years, Sara worked for Spokane Public Radio where she was the "Morning Edition" host. Sara's professional credits include: The Basket, Safe Passages, a water safety video made by the Army Corp of Engineers, and a small part in Godfather I. She has numerous credits as a voice talent on the East and West coasts and appeared on the Brian Keith Show filmed in Hawaii. Sara earned her Associate's degree at the University of Florida in Gainesville; her Bachelor's is from the University of Miami where she double majored in Radio-TV-Film and Theatre; She earned her Master's in Fine Arts with the emphasis on directing from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Edlin-Marlowe tours with her one woman shows: Sacagawea and her new adventure, the Canadian artist, Emily Carr.

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Estrada, Hadda; Dean, for Global Education and Strategic Partnerships

Estrada, Hadda; Dean, for Global Education and Strategic Partnerships Office: 017-0106 SFCC/015-0114 SCC

Phone: (509) 533-3844/7033

Email: Hadda.Estrada@ccs.spokane.edu

My name is Hadda Estrada, and I was born and grew up in Paris, France. I spent most of my life in France where I got the opportunity to travel throughout Europe. After I graduated from the University of Marne-la-Valle in Business Administration, I decided to pursue my interest in communication and languages.

I moved to Monroe, Louisiana and went to the University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM) where I furthered my education in Business Administration. In 2001, I graduated with my BA in Economics. Soon after, I enrolled in the Master of Arts in Communication with a concentration in Mass Communication. I received my MA from ULM and began teaching Communication courses for over 7 years. As a Speech Instructor, I taught students from diverse academic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds to combat fears associated with public speaking and to help them realize speaking attributes.

In 2006, I began working as a Retention Advisor and Communication Studies Instructor and was strongly committed to academic advising, retention and graduation efforts. I was involved in all aspects of the Student Success Center's functions, to include advising, teaching, program development and management. I also taught multiple sections of University Seminar each semester. This class was part of ULM's First Year Experience and the Learning Communities program, a very critical component that impacted every incoming freshman at the institution. I worked very closely with students each semester to help them transition both socially and academically to the university.

In 2010, my family and I moved to Spokane. We enjoy being outdoors, going on hikes, and riding our bikes. Our love and passion for traveling and discovering other cultures is never-ending. All my family lives in Europe, so we try to visit them as much as possible.

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Hansen, Chris; Drama Instructor

Hansen, Chris; Drama Instructor Office: 005-0143D

Phone: (509) 533-4332

Email: Chris.Hansen@sfcc.spokane.edu

Chris Hansen is a graduate with his BA in theatre from Eastern Washington University. He has spent two years with Coeur d'Alene Summer Theatre as Master Carpenter and while at Eastern received the prestigious Francis B. Huston Medallion for exceptional artistic achievement.

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Huff, Yasuka; Japanese Instructor

Huff, Yasuka; Japanese Instructor Office: 005-0105A

Phone: (509) 533-3367

Email: Yasuka.Huff@sfcc.spokane.edu

Internation Education Elementary Japanese 121
My name is Yaska Huff and I have been teaching Japanese at SFCC for over 8 years. After I graduated with a BA from Gonzaga University in Spokane, I worked with K-12 students at Spokane District 81 which provided me with the opportunity to meet many teachers who introduced me to a variety of teaching methods with not only teaching Japanese, but also other subjects. After I received a MA from Gonzaga University, I taught undergraduate and graduate students at the Education Department at Gonzaga University; such as "Computer Methods in the Classroom", "Network & Telecommunication". Before I came to SFCC as the Japanese instructor, I taught computer software applications for senior citizens at IEL (Institute for Extended Learning) I also taught a Business Japanese class for the Master of International Management degree program at Whitworth University.

I have lived in the U.S. for over twenty years, while my family still lives in Japan, so I try to visit them as much as possible. Before I moved in Spokane, I lived in Martin, Tennessee and Portland, Oregon as a student. While I was living in the U.S, I visited many places within the U.S. and other countries in Europe which led me to see what opportunities I had.

Things I love to do are out-door activities such as sailing, x-country skiing, and hiking. I enjoy taking a walk with my wonderful dogs, Luna and Cocolo, and doing Yoga.

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Hyatt, Mary; Instructor

Hyatt, Mary; Instructor Office: 005-0135

Phone: (509) 533-3593

Email: Mary.Hyatt@sfcc.spokane.edu

Current Global Cinema
I have been teaching for 42 years, 10 at Mead High School and 32 at SFCC. I teach speech, composition and film courses on campus as well as on line. I have no plans of retiring because I love learning and working with students. Maybe I'll make it 50 years of teaching.

I love teaching film and have seen Citizen Kane so often that I have almost all of the lines memorized. I'm really into independent and foreign cinema more than the traditional Hollywood style films of entertainment. Speech is my favorite class to teach because it gives me the chance to really get to know the students. I conduct a very interactive class and become more of a coach than an instructor. When I teach composition, my major goal is to help students write in a style that is organized and clear for a specific audience.

I am most known around the SFCC campus for my cars (4 different corvettes) and my little white dog Sophie that I take with me to class every day. I train with my Golden Retriever in agility exercises, the ones where the dog goes on teeter totters, in tunnels, up ramps etc. I love down hill skiing and have a season pass to Mt. Spokane. The other season I ride a dirt motorcycle, but I'm not as reckless as I use to be.

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Islam-Zwart, Khalil; Instructor

Islam-Zwart, Khalil; Instructor Office: 24-120

Phone: (509) 533-3267

Email: Khalil.Islam-Zwart@sfcc.spokane.edu

Khalil Islam-Zwart is a father, husband, teacher, researcher, and generally engaged citizen.

He grew up in Tacoma, WA, and after attending Pierce College, transferred to EWU where he earned his undergraduate degree and subsequently worked as an administrator in the Division of Student Affairs. While working at EWU, Khalil completed a Masters in Public Administration and found his passion for working with students, particularly those who are from under-represented populations, was no longer being fed by his administrative job requirements. He left EWU in 2003 to work towards a PhD at Washington State University. He is currently working towards completing his dissertation and teaching courses for SFCC and EWU.

Khalil's top priority is his family. They like to spend free time exploring Spokane, looking for family-friendly places to play and learn. During the summer months, he and his family pull a 29-foot trailer around the west coast and are particularly fond of camping and hiking along the central Oregon coast.

Khalil is currently teaching CMST 101 for SFCC. He also teaches statistics, research methods courses, critical media studies, cultural studies courses, and group communication courses. Other teaching interests include intercultural communication, organizational/business communication, interpersonal communication, persuasion, and interracial communication.

His research interests focus on the intersections between organization, culture, and identity. He's focused much of his efforts on volunteer voice and narratives, examining how volunteers in grass-root non-profit organizations structure their volunteer and workplace identities and experiences.

In the Spokane community, Khalil has worked on numerous social justice and human rights issues, some of which include: the Spokane Human Rights Commission; the Pride Foundation; the Spokane NAACP; and numerous like-minded organizations. He believes the most important part of being in a community is engagement with that community.

In his spare time, Khalil can be found playing with his girls, taking pictures of people and landscapes, biking around the neighborhood, and using his sit-on-top kayaks in local waterways. Khalil is also an avid Mac user and is constantly looking for ways to use technology to enhance learning and fun.

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Marlowe, Bill; Instructor

Marlowe, Bill; Instructor Office: 005-0136

Phone: (509) 533-3592

Email: Bill.Marlowe@sfcc.spokane.edu

William C. Marlowe is a wannabe Renaissance Man. He teaches, acts, directs, stage manages and designs. Now in his 12th year as Director of Drama at Spokane Falls Community College, he came to the college following 15 years as a free-lance artist working across the country. Nationally, Bill has directed the nation's premier outdoor drama TECUMSEH! as well as working for five years as Actor/Artistic Director at the Birmingham Children's Theatre directing several National Tours. He received the regional Obelisk Award for Best Actor for his role as the Kabuki Emperor in The Nightingale.

Bill has worked as an Equity stage manager in New York for Mark Twain: The Musical for two seasons and one season in Hartford, Connecticut. Some of his memorable local roles include: Pseudolous in A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum, Henry VIII in Royal Gambit, Herod in Jesus Christ Superstar, Doolittle in My Fair Lady, Melvin P. Thorpe in The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas, Lazar Wolf in Fiddler, Max Prince in Laughter on the 23rd Floor, and numerous roles in his six seasons at Interplayers including the eleven roles in A Tuna Christmas which won him the local Critics Circle Award for Best Actor in Spokane for that season. He is also appearing in the recent film The Big Bang as a Russian mobster with Antonio Banderas, LLCool J and Sam Elliot.

His local directing credits include: Titus Andronicus, The Importance of Being Earnest, Curse of the Starving Class, The Tempest, Insect Comedy, Strange Bedfellows, Twelfth Night, The Good Doctor, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Oedipus Rex, Buried Child, Macbeth, Working, You Can't Take It with You, The Taming of the Shrew, Camelot, Run For Your Wife, How to Eat Like a Child, The Crucible, Lysistrata, Oedipus, The Government Inspector, Comedy of Errors, Othello, The Insanity of Mary Girard, and the critically acclaimed Civic production of Wit in which he won the Critics Circle Award for Best Director. He was recently awarded the Outstanding Faculty Award by the Community Colleges of Spokane and in 2006 received the Arts in Education award from the city of Spokane. When scholarship funding dried up several years ago for drama students, he started the fundraising for the first endowed scholarship account through the CCS Foundation which now has over $25,000 and last year $2,000 in scholarships were awarded to deserving students.

Bill most enjoys the opportunity that the Falls affords him as a creative artist and as a mentor to students. In the summer he enjoys gardening, playing Dungeons and Dragons and camping trips with Sara, his wife of 27 years, and his two dogs Bilbo and Baggins.

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Massey, Larry; Instructor

Massey, Larry; Instructor Office: 024-0241

Phone: (509) 533-3518

Email: Larry.Massey@sfcc.spokane.edu

CMST 101 - Intro to Communication CMST 227 - Intercultural Communication CMST 230 - Small Group Communication
Larry came to teaching college after 20 years in the business world. He was in sales and marketing and senior executive management for markets in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, and Latin America before a ''youthful retirement'' in 1998.

Larry has recently been tenured at SFCC, and has also taught Communication and Speech Communication courses at the University of Washington, Gonzaga University, and Bellevue Community College. Courses he has taught include Intercultural Communication, Small Group Communication, Public Speaking, Organizational Communication, and the introductory course to Communication.

Larry is a graduate of Gonzaga University, summa cum laude , with concentrations in Philosophy and Communication. He has his MA in Communication from the University of Washington, and has completed one year toward the Ph.D. at the UW, in the Department of Communication. He is a member of the Iota Rho Chapter of Lambda Pi Eta , the National Communication Association Honor Society, and Phi Sigma Tau, the National Philosophy Association Honor Society.

His approach to teaching Communication courses is from a grounding in the ''real world'' as well as scholarly theory, having spent his previous career in the practical application of the art.

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Reames, Steven; Instructor

Reames, Steven; Instructor Office: 005-0119A

Phone: (509) 533-3611

Email: Steven.Reames@sfcc.spokane.edu

The Graduate; McCabe and Mrs. Miller; Solaris; Taxi Driver; Apocalypse Now; Manhattan; Blade Runner; A Fish Called Wanda; Wings of Desire; Three Colors: Blue; Fargo; Twelfth Night; Lost in Translation; Across the Universe; and everything Kurosawa ever made.

Whenever the sun is shining or the snow is falling, Steve is happy. The Little Spokane River is the center of the universe, and he loves to paddle up and down. Above ninety degrees, the river is mandatory. In the winter and spring, Steve's goal is to ski up, down and horizontally as much and as often as possible. Some snow is good; more snow is better.

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Rickett, Craig; Communication Instructor

Rickett, Craig; Communication Instructor Office: 024-242

Phone: (509) 533-3608

Email: Craig.Rickett@sfcc.spokane.edu

Craig Rickett joined the faculty of SFCC September, 1991. His focus in Communication Studies is public speaking and oral advocacy. For 20 years, Mr. Rickett coached the intercollegiate speech and debate program at SFCC and was active in the Northwest Forensic Conference and Pi Kappa Delta (national honorary society for competitive speech and debate). Mr. Rickett is the co-author of the text book, Debating by Doing (McGraw Hill, 1996).

In addition to teaching public speaking and debate, Mr. Rickett taught in the drama program at SFCC for 14 years, directing and acting. He was awarded Certificates of Merit from the American College Theater Festival adjudicators for his direction of Shakespeare's, A Midsummer Night's Dream and for his portrayal of Uncle Peck in Paula Vogel's Pulitzer Prize winning play, How I Learned to Drive. In addition to acting and directing on campus, Mr. Rickett performed the role of Tom Wingfield in the Tennessee Williams' classic, Glass Menagerie, playing opposite Academy and Tony award winning actress, Ms. Patty Duke. Mr. Rickett's play, Seeds of Change is scheduled for production in May, 2013 at Interplayers' Theatre in Spokane.

Mr. Rickett occasionally writes and publishes poetry. His poems have appeared in SFCC's own Wire Harp creative arts magazine, The Crab Creek Review, The Broome Review, and The Rockhurst Review.

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Rickett, Darlene; Instructor

Rickett, Darlene; Instructor Office: 024-0122

Phone: (509) 533-3308

Email: Darlene.Rickett@sfcc.spokane.edu

Darlene Rickett, originally from Bethany, Oklahoma, and a 1977 graduate from Southern Nazarene University, holds a Masters in Speech Education and is a professor in the Communication Department at Spokane Falls Community College in Spokane, Washington.

Darlene specializes in Intercultural Communication and is involved in a variety of intercultural programs, including Japan Week, a yearly community event. On campus, she is the International Club advisor, a member of the International Education Committee, and a member of the Diversity Dimensions team for the First Year Experience Initiative. Darlene also chairs SFCC's Intercultural Week, a campus and community event with extended programs, speakers, and activities. She worked collaboratively to initiate an International Peer Mentoring program, matching American and International students.

Darlene has participated in the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication, and she is a certified administrator for the Intercultural Development Inventory, as well as the Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory. She has lived in London and in Budapest, Hungary, where she taught at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Currently, she is the campus liaison for the Hungarian exchange program. In 2005, she was nominated to receive the Equity in Diversity award for the Community Colleges of Spokane. Darlene has been teaching college students since 1980.

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Spencer, Jenni; Comm. Instructor

Spencer, Jenni; Comm. Instructor Office: 024-0311


Email: Jenni.Spencer@sfcc.spokane.edu

Jenni holds a B.A. in communication from Washington State University. After earning her undergraduate degree, she continued on to receive her M.A. in communication with an emphasis in intercultural communication from the University of New Mexico. For the past 14 years Jenni has taught a variety of communication classes including public speaking, intercultural communication, small group communication, and introduction to communication. She enjoys teaching communication classes because they are practical and students can see the relevance to their lives.

One of Jenni's passions is intercultural communication and travel. She has lived in Japan on two different occasions, once as a study abroad student and once as a teacher on the JET program. In addition to teaching, she has worked as a study abroad advisor at the University of Oregon. She recently moved back to eastern Washington after living in Olympia, Washington, for the past seven years.

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Valenzuela, Gabriel; Instructor

Valenzuela, Gabriel; Instructor Office: 024-0124

Phone: (509) 533-3472

Email: Gabriel.Valenzuela@sfcc.spokane.edu

Spanish 121 Spanish 221 SPANISH CLUB Study Abroad in Salamanca, Spain Spanish 122-123 Spanish 222-223
Gabriel Valenzuela hails from Portland, Oregon. Gabriel earned his B.A. in Spanish and Italian from the University of Oregon and later earned his M.A. in Spanish and Italian Literature from the University of Oregon in Eugene. Gabriel's thesis focused on the principal motifs present in the genre Naturalism in the late 19th century novel by Manuel Zeno Gandía. Other interests of study and research include the Spanish Golden Age through the 16th and 17th century poets (Góngora, Lope de Vega, Garcilaso de la Vega, among others), Cervantes and also the masterpieces of 16th and 17th century theatre (Calderon de la Barca, Tirso de Molina, among others). Gabriel, like most Spanish students at one point or another, has followed Don Quijote on all of his journeys and the quixotic nature of Don Alonso has indeed rubbed off! Having studied Italian, Gabriel has also descended into the deepest circles with Dante Alighieri and Virgil in La Divina Commedia. His primary focus and interest in Italian is found in Boccaccio's Decamerone, and on quite the opposite end of the spectrum, the genre "Gialli", which is the Detective Novel series.

Teaching language and culture is a deeply rooted passion. His first experience was in a classroom very similar to the one found on the SFCC campus: In his 3rd year at the UO, Gabriel was assigned a position whereby he gained valuable experience teacher assisting in Spanish classrooms at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon. It was through these months of tutoring and teacher assisting that Gabriel began to hone his skills and learn many lessons by watching the teachers in their classes, and two years later he earned a fellowship to teach Italian at the University of Oregon while contemporaneously pursuing coursework toward an M.A.

An Oregonian through and through, Gabriel has learned that not all roads lead to NE Portland and is now discovering the jewel which is Spokane. He is very excited to learn what "snow" really means, and at the same time escape from the land of the incessant rain cloud. He is proud to represent SFCC and work with such remarkable colleagues and bright students.

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Wolfsen-Norton, Amy; Instructor (Department Chair)

Wolfsen-Norton, Amy; Instructor (Department Chair) Office: 024-0310

Phone: (509) 533-3825

Email: Amy.Wolfsen-Norton@sfcc.spokane.edu

CMST 101 Summer
Amy was born and raised in southern California, but has lived in Washington long enough that she considers herself to be from Washington. Raised with six brothers, Amy learned that communicating effectively plays a key role in getting one's point across. After graduating high school, Amy earned her B.A. from Walla Walla College and her M.A. from Washington State University. She then left Washington to complete her Ph.D. course work at the University of Utah. She returned after accepting a permanent teaching position at Spokane Falls Community College in 2006.

Amy believes in being a life long learner. In fact, her brothers call her a "lifer" because she loves teaching and taking classes. Amy hopes to instill this love for learning in every student in each-and-every class she teaches. In speech classes specifically, Amy strives to help her students become more effective communicators in interpersonal, organizational, cultural, and public contexts.

Outside the classroom, Amy loves most sports, especially those that take her outside. In the winter, Amy enjoys to snowshoe and ski. In the summer, getting outside includes hiking, camping, backpacking, and waterskiing. Prospective trips in the future include hiking the John Muir Trail, rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, and hiking in Alaska. Internationally, Amy would like to return to Africa and Europe and travel to Costa Rica and Australia to name a few.

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